PitcherPro - Glass Filter

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PitcherPro Compact transforms tap water into Healthy, tasty, lime-free water, The glass filter PitcherPro has the highest ratings for flavor and is the only microfiltration pitcher that incorporates proprietary anti-limescale technology. PitcherPro removes microplastics, and heavy metals, and filters over 80 other substances, keeping all essential minerals. The PitcherPro filter pitcher has the highest ratings for its taste and is the only water filter with microfiltration that incorporates its own technology against limescale formation. PitcherPro removes microplastics, and heavy metals, and filters over 80 other substances, keeping all the essential minerals. 

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TAP WATER FILTER PitcherPRO: "Most stylish filter pitcher" and "number one choice in taste" according to the Telegraph review. Filters chlorine, bad taste and odor, 80% limescale reduction, and 80+ substances including (such as microplastics, heavy metals, pesticides, or herbicides), preserving healthy and essential minerals from water. Better-tasting alkaline water with Advanced Filtration Technology.


INSTANT WATER FILTRATION: unlike other water jug filters, PitcherPro filters water as you pour it into the glass. Delivery contents: 1 PitcherPro glass pitcher + 1 filter (3-month lifespan).


SUSTAINABLE, NATURAL, AND CERTIFIED WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEMS: Our PitcherPro glass water filter is made of glass and the refill is made of organic carbon fibers. When the water passes through the filter, the microfiltration technology turns it into filtered, clean, and ready-to-drink water. Use it for drinking and cooking your favorite recipes. Tested and certified in Europe by independent laboratories. BPA free.


EASY-TO-USE WATER PURIFIERS: Remove the lid that contains the filter and straw. Fill with up to 1.45 L of water. Put the lid back on by pressing it into place and pour the filtered water into your glass! It is important to rinse the refill under running water for 60 seconds before first use. For best results, if the water is not running normally, tilt the pitcher horizontally or remove the lid and put it back on.


EXCELLENT ALTERNATIVE TO SINGLE-USE PLASTIC: no more having to carry water bottles home, plus you’ll save on water and most importantly, avoid single-use plastics.

  • Filter rate:1.45 L Pitcher capacity
  • Filtration capacity of one refill: 40,000 L
  • Carbon block density: NA
  • Substances removed: 70+
  • Dimensions: 14.8 x 9.8 x 9.5cm
  • Weight: 310g
  • Thread Diameter: NA