EcoPro Compact 6 Refill (EN)

SKU: T3-P006
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Product Description

The smallest EcoPro Compact tap water filter on the market has the highest ratings for its taste and is the only water filter with microfiltration that incorporates its own technology against lime formation. EcoPro Compact removes microplastics, heavy metals and filters over 100 other substances, keeping all the essential minerals.

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COMPATIBLE WITH TAPP WATER ECOPRO COMPACT WATER FILTER FOR TAPS: This refill is only compatible with one of our tap water filters: EcoPro Compact. IMPORTANT: not compatible with Essential or EcoPro.


PURE, GREAT-TASTING WATER: The smallest water filter on the market uses 5-step ultra-advanced microfiltration technology. It filters more than 100 substances, such as heavy metals, microplastics, pesticides, nitrates, and chlorine, which is what causes tap water to taste bad. In turn, it retains all the essential minerals in the water. An ideal solution for having healthy, purified water whenever you want, without the need to carry heavy bottles of mineral water.


SUSTAINABLE AND CERTIFIED: the EcoPro Compact charcoal filter is made of natural coconut shells and activated carbon. When water passes through the carbon block, the microfiltration technology filters more than 100 substances. The result is clean, ready-to-drink, filtered water — use it for both drinking and cooking your favorite recipes. Tested and certified in Europe by independent laboratories.


HIGH PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY: the EcoPro Compact tap water purifier refills have an instant water filtration rate of 4 L/min. Each filter cartridge has a shelf life of 2 months.


EASY TO USE: to place a new refill, simply unscrew the filter from the connector, open the filter by unscrewing, put on the new refill, close the filter and screw it back onto the connector.

  • Filtration technology: 5-step ultra-advanced filtration
  • Filtration rate: 4 l/min.
  • Duration of refill cartridge: 2 months
  • Filter density: 1–2 µm (1–2 micrometers)
  • Filtered substances: +100