Symphony Air Cooler 95L | Upto 45 Sqm Room Size

AED 999.00
Product Description

Storm 100C XL i Towerlike Desert Air Cooler will quickly cool your environment, no matter how hot or humid it is. This air cooler has a cooling capacity of 485 Sqft. and easily accomplishes this task. It contains a 100-litre water tank and a cooling pad made of honeycomb. The cooler has seven-speed control choices, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. Water level indicator, 5500 m3/hr air delivery, 1350 rpm motor speed, 358 mm fan diameter, engineering plastic fan, motor cover, 3 high-efficiency side honeycomb pads, system restore function, plastic mounting for motors, water inlet, and automatic vertical installation are among the additional features.

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  • Technical Specification

Coverage Area: This high-performance portable desert cooler is suitable for rooms up to 45 square meters of the area under ideal conditions.

Package Inclusion: 1 unit air cooler, 4 unit castor wheels, 1 unit pedestal.

Unique i-Pure Technology: Designed with a multistage filter to combat air pollution, odor-causing microorganisms, and allergies for clean air. For effective cooling keep doors and windows open.

High-Efficiency Cooling: Long-lasting dura pump, 3-side honeycomb pads to retain water for a longer duration, and cool flow dispenser that distributes water evenly for a refreshing cooling

Low Power Consumption: This water cooler is an affordable way to stay cool as it uses only 210 watts (approximately) and can be operated on inverters. So drop your worries about bills or power cuts.

Tank Capacity: When it comes to water capacity, this air cooler has a large 95-liter tank with a water level indicator that lets you know when it needs to be refilled.

Powerful Fan: The specially designed fan produces high speed and uniform airflow that instantly reduces the room temperature and keeps you cool.

Easy-to-Use: Ergonomically designed dial knob controls offer convenient usability while adding to its modern and elegant appearance.

Auto Vertical Swing: The air panels are engineered to move automatically for even circulation of air throughout the room.

Warranty: Symphony STORM C 100XLi comes with One year warranty from the date of purchase only on manufacturing defects.

• Touch panel
• Full function remote with on/off timer
• i-Pure technology
• 3-side honeycomb cooling pads
• Powerful fan
• Large 95L water-tank capacity
• Consumes 210 watts* only