Symphony Air Cooler 125L | 25m Air Throw

AED 1149.00
Product Description

Looking for a powerful and efficient air cooler to beat the heat? Check out the Movicool L 200i Symphony Desert Cooler. With an impressive 25m air throw and 8500 m³/hr air delivery, this cooler quickly cools down any room. Its weather-resistant body ensures durability, while the digital touchscreen and full-function remote control make it easy to operate. This desert cooler also comes with a range of convenient features, including an empty water-tank alarm, fully closable horizontal louvers, auto vertical swing, and low power consumption of just 215 watts. The 3-side high efficiency honeycomb pads and 3-side dust filters provide pure and healthy air, while the float valve ensures auto water filling. With easily removable and cleanable cooling pads and lockable heavy-duty wheels, the Movicool L 200i is the perfect choice for any desert cooler needs.

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  • Technical Specification

25m air throw: With a 25m air throw, the Movicool L 200i Symphony Desert Cooler can effectively cool even large desert area.

3-side honeycomb pads: The Movicool L 200i Symphony Desert Cooler features 3-side high efficiency honeycomb pads that provide maximum cooling in hot and dry desert environments. These pads are easily removable and cleanable for hassle-free maintenance, ensuring long-lasting cooling performance.

Weather resistant body: It has a weather-resistant body that is designed to withstand harsh desert environments. This robust construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable choice for cooling in hot and dry weather conditions.

8500 m³/hr air delivery: It has a powerful 8500 m³/hr air delivery, which means it can quickly and effectively cool down large desert rooms. This makes it an ideal choice for hot and dry climates where air conditioning is not always available.

Digital touchscreen & full function remote: This features a digital touchscreen and full-function remote control for easy and convenient operation. This allows you to adjust settings from a distance, making it easier to control the cooler without having to move closer to it.

Empty water-tank alarm: Has an empty water-tank alarm that alerts you when the water level in the tank is low. This feature ensures that the cooler doesn't run out of water and helps to prevent damage to the unit.

Fully closable horizontal louvers: Has fully closable horizontal louvers that allow you to control the direction of the air flow. This feature helps to ensure that the cool air is directed exactly where you need it, providing maximum comfort and efficiency.

Auto vertical swing: This feature that automatically oscillates the louvers up and down to distribute cool air evenly throughout the room. This ensures that the entire area is cooled effectively, providing maximum comfort in hot desert environments.

Low power consumption - 215 watts only.

Powerful 3-speed fan.


• Powerful 25m* air throw for faster cooling
• 3-side high efficiency honeycomb pads
• Robust weather resistant body for long life
• Digital touchscreen & full function remote • Fully closable horizontal louvers
• Powerful 3 speed fan
• Easily removable and cleanable cooling pads
• 3-side dust filters for pure healthy air
• Float valve for auto water filling
• Lockable heavy-duty wheels
• Low power consumption - 245 watts* only