AEG - Built In Refrigerator 204L Net

AED 5499.00
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Twintech FF Refrigerator CB DOD 1780mm

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With TwinTech® No Frost you never have to defrost the freezer. Its dual cooling system keeps food 60% more hydrated than fridges with one evaporator.* By not using dry freezer air, it maintains ideal humidity and keeps food from drying out.

DynamicAir maintains a constant airflow to guarantee a stable temperature throughout the refrigerator. Every shelf is evenly chilled to prevent warm zones. Prohibiting bacteria growth and preserving fresh ingredients.

With the responsive and clear display, you can precisely set the temperature and effortlessly access the Fridge Freezer functions, with the Touch Electronic Control on Top.

Experience flexible fridge storage with the FlexiShelf. The front section slides seamlessly underneath the remaining segment to accommodate taller items.

Accurately crafted soft-closing door hinges help to prevent accidentally open fridge freezer doors that can lead to wasted energy and spoiled food by ensuring a snug, secure and quiet experience when closing the door.

• For fully integrated, door-on-door installation
• Net capacity freezing compartment: 61 l
• Net capacity refrigeration compartment: 186 l
• Very silent: only 39 dB
• Automatic defrosting of the freezer compartment
• Automatic defrosting of the cooling compartment
• Fan air circulation for even temperature throughout the fridge
• Fast freeze function
• Coolmatic function for quickly chilling fresh food
• Freezer with Frostmatic function for rapid freezing
• Holiday function to minimize energy consumption during long absences avoiding mould and bad odours
• Audible and visible high temperature warning signal
• Audible and visible warning signal for open door
• Electronic temperature controls with LCD display
• Electronic touch controls with digital indications
• Electronic temperature controls
• Refrigerator lighting: 1, Internal. LED, Side, With rise-on effect
• Refrigerator shelves: 3 Full Width + 1Flexi shelf, Glass full width with front and rear trim
• Egg tray: 2 for 6 eggs
• Flexi-Space: removable glass shelves in freezer compartment
• Freezer shelves: 2, Full Width, Glass
• Freezer drawers: 3 Full Width, Transparent Plastic
• Refrigerator drawers: 2 Half Width, Transparent Plastic
• Door hinges placement: Right & Reversible
• Other internal freezer features: 2 Accumulators
• 1780 mm built-in height
• Fridge freezer colour/design: White