Gree Air Circulation Fan Oscillation, 8 Speed, Plasma generator, with Remote.

SKU: Gree Air Circulation/GCF-2305BAG5
AED 399.00
AED 449.00
Product Description

The GREE GCF-2305BAG5 air circulation fan is a powerful, well-designed, and Superior-quality product suitable for use in homes, offices, and other occasions. With air circulation function, strong wind power, and multi-function control, it can provide you with a comfortable fan experience. Whether you need to improve the air conditioning effect or enjoy the cool summer, it is an ideal choice.

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  • Technical Specification

- Air circulation function: GREE GCF-2305BAG5 air circulation fan adopts advanced air circulation technology, which can quickly circulate indoor air, provide overall air flow, evenly distribute hot air and cold air, improve air conditioning effect and provide a more comfortable environment.

- Multi-Function Control: This air circulation fan is equipped with an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel. You can adjust the fan speed, timer, and shaking function through the buttons on the panel. Additionally, it comes with a remote control that allows you to conveniently control various settings of the fan from a distance.

- Strong wind power: GREE GCF-2305BAG5 air circulation fan has strong wind output and can provide you with a cooling fan effect. You can choose different wind speed modes according to your needs to meet different weather and occasion needs.

- Swinging head function: This air circulation fan has an automatic shaking head function that can swing horizontally and vertically, making the fan's wind coverage wider and allowing the entire room to feel the cool airflow.

- Silent operation: GREE GCF-2305BAG5 air circulation fan adopts silent technology to minimize the noise it generates during operation. This means you can enjoy the cooling fan effect without being disturbed by the noise.

• Touch panel
• Full function remote with on/off timer
• Powerful fan
• Air speed up: 7.5m/s
• Oscillation
• Air volume: 25m³/h
• Dimension W40.5 x D39.5 x H98 cm