AEG - Front load Washer Dryer 10|6KG

AED 4799.00
AED 4999.00
Product Description

Washer Dryer OkoMix, 10/6 kg, 1600rpm, C level, PM Motor, 50Hz

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The patented ÖKOMix Technology guarantees the most even washing and drying process in one go. Unlike other machines, ours pre-mixes detergents and softener to their most effective blends separately in water before they enter the drum. Meaning both are fully dissolved and activated when they reach the load. Making distribution more efficient than in any other washer dryer on the market. Ensuring that all fibres are penetrated and that the load is prepared for more even drying. So that every single part of every single item gets complete protection in less time. 

Dualsense technology offers different programmes to different types of fabrics. Lower heat and controlled movement mean that everything from delicates to outdoor wear can be carefully and washed in one go. Both washing and drying cycles are certified by Woolmark Blue to safely clean even hand-wash only woollens in one process. For outdoor wear, a dedicated wash cycle cleans and protects technical fabrics to preserve their textures over time; and a dedicated dry cycle works to restore water repellency.

ProSense Technology® automatically adjusts washing and drying times to the size of the load. Enabling convenient and economical cycles – saving on time, energy and water – whether the load is small or big. 

Our ÖKOPower NonStop 4h/5kg programme offers the most efficient washing and drying cycles in the shortest time possible. Designed to wash and dry 5kg in four hours, it represents the most economical performance available on the market today, saving both time and energy.  

The steam programme from relaxes the fibres in your clothes to reduce wrinkles and avoid ironing. Ensuring they look and feel better for longer. The option to quickly refresh clothes without putting them through comprehensive cycles also means they stand the test of time with less exposure to temperature and motion. 

•Freestanding washer-dryer combination
•Washing capacity: 10 kg
•Max. spin speed: 1600 rpm

•Condense dryer: the moisture is condensed into a water container, no air evacuation needed.
•Drying capacity: 6 kg
•Delay start option Wool program that allows 'wool' labelled items to be washed by machine
•Automatic drying
•Drying by time
•Anti-foam rinse system

•Programs: Cotton, Cotton Economy, Synthetics, Delicate, Wool Plus, New Outdoor, OKOPOWER (5kg/4h), Steam Refresh, Rinse (Rpm Dep), Spin / Drain
•Out of balance control of the drum load
•Child lock
•Anti-flood protection
•Feet: 4 adj feet