AEG - Front load Dryer 8KG

AED 3999.00
AED 4199.00
Product Description

Tumbler Dryer Heat pump, P one, SensiDry, 8 kg, E level, Asynchronous Motor, 50Hz

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AEG SensiDry technology draws moisture out of fabrics at half the temperature of conventional tumble dryers, without significantly extending the drying time. This ensures that fabrics are never subject to unnecessary heat. Your clothes will keep the textures they had the day you bought them, for longer. And the low temperature helps you save energy, too.

Our dryers feature ProSense technology, which uses advanced humidity and temperature sensors to adjust the drying time and energy consumption for every size of load - whether it’s a day’s or a week’s worth of washing. This saves time and energy, while gently protecting the clothes that you love and wear every day.

Only AEG dryers feature the ÖKOFlow Filter System, an extremely efficient filter that is easy to reach and clean. Conventional dryers have multiple filters. If you don’t clean them all, energy consumption increases. With only one filter, an AEG machine dries every load effortlessly and maintains its effectiveness and energy efficiency.

All AEG dryers have our ProTex gentle drum, specially designed to take care of your clothes. With this patterned drum, your clothes benefit from the most efficient airflow and have room to stretch out for less tangling and creasing.

Reverse tumble action loosens the clothes and prevents tangling and creasing.

• Heat pump technology achieves unprecedented energy efficiency
• Panel with text in English
• Sensor dryer: the dryer senses when the clothes are dried to the level specified
• Additional time controlled drying programs
• Cotton programs: Cupboard dry, Extra dry, Iron dry
• Synthetics programs: Cupboard dry, Extra dry, Iron dry
• Special drying programs: Bedlinen, Cottons, Duvet, Easy Iron, Mix, Silk, Sport, Synthetics, Wool, actiwear
• Woolmark certified Blue-Care drying programme
• Energy consumption (program cotton cupboard dry): only 2.03 (2.6) kWh after spin speed drying at 1400 (1000) rpm
• Reverse tumble action loosens the clothes and prevents tangling and creasing
• Display type: Medium LCD
• Delay start option
• Drying status indication for: Anti-crease/end, Cool down, Cupboard dry, Drying, Extra dry, Iron dry
• Indications for: Condenser, Filter, Tank
• Condense tank position and capacity: Panel left, 5.28 l
• Feet: 4 adjustable feet
• Full load capacity: 8.0 kg
• Door hinge: Left reversible by user