Daewoo Sandwich Triangle

SKU: DSM-8090-ST
AED 79.00
Product Description

Sandwich maker with detachable plate 750W

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  • Technical Specification
  • Make what you like: the 750W dual sandwich maker has 2 detachable plates to make two full sandwiches at a time as per your desire.
  • Easy to clean: the dual sandwich toaster machine comes equipped with two detachable plates. This will allow you to clean the item with ease as soon as it has cooled down. All you need to do is get a damp cloth and wipe it down before putting it away, once it is put away it will take up minimal space as it is easy storage.
  • Interlocking handle grips: the dual sandwich toaster machine comes with an interlocking handle that locks securely onto the bread to make sure your food will come out with a golden-brown crisp and even toasting on both sides. You can also unlock the handle grip so you can safely check on the progress of your sandwich whilst it is in use.
  • Indicator light: the sandwich maker comes equipped with a two-light system that will let you know when the machine is ready to be used. When the machine is at the optimum temperature it will light up, this will allow you to get the toastie perfect every time.
Unit Dimension (mm)236x220mm
Box Dimension (mm)280x150x267mm
N.W. (Kg)1.63kg
G.W. (Kg)1.96kg
Qty/Master Carton6
Dim. Master Carton (mm)320x305x550mm
N.W Master Carton (Kg)9.80kg
G.W Master Carton (Kg)11.80kg
Power Wattage220-240V ~ 50-60Hz 750W