Daewoo Air Fryer 4.5L

SKU: DAF-8300
AED 179.00
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  • Powerful 1600w air fryer with 4.5L capacity: in comparison to the standard, smaller sized air fryers available, this daewoo analogue air fryer boasts a large 4.5L capacity, allowing you to provide enough portions for you and any hungry guests. Not to mention, the 1600W power rating means that you can create much healthier dishes without the oil usually required – this means unhealthier dishes are much easier to fit into your diet, retaining the same great taste. The maximum capacity can reach 4.50L which is very suitable for 1-5 people.
  • 60-min timer: if in a rush, there is no need to worry as you can adhere to a specific time frame using the adjustable 60-minute timer. Simply key in your cooking time and let this mechanical air fryer do all the work for you – all you have to do is come back to a perfectly cooked meal.
  • Adjustable dial control: featuring an adjustable dial control on the front panel, the analogue air fryer is easy to use. Simply twist the dial, to the temperature required for your chosen dish and you’re ready to go. Prepare the dish of your choice, fill the air fryer and set your temperature between 0-200 degrees celsius to curate the dish you’ve been craving!
  • Removable basket and pot for easy serving: hosting a large group or cooking for the whole family? This analogue air fryer is a new way to impress your guests. Cook the meal of your choice, take the removable basket out of the main unit, and serve at the table, providing convenience and saving time on washing up. The surface is smooth and can be cleaned in one pass. The handle features a button, and the basket can be pulled out by simply pressing the button, so you don’t have to worry about the basket coming out automatically.
  • Air technology works with up to 80% less fat: whether you’re just starting a diet, in the midst of one or generally want to cook healthier meals, you can start with the analogue air fryer. High-circulation technology, accompanied by the super powerful 1600w motor means that you can cook dishes with 80% less oil than necessary with traditional methods. Unhealthy deep-fried dishes are a thing of the past with this timesaving, health-promoting kitchen appliance.
  • Cooking without oil : with  air fryer you can fry in a healthy way without oil. The combination of circulating hot air and perfect cooking temperature can remove excess fat from food, ensuring crispy chicken legs with fries and making food healthier without losing the flavor of traditional fried foods.
  • Power off memory function : when you take out the frying basket, the fryer will automatically shut down and the fryer will automatically start when it is turned on again. When cooking is complete, a reminder will sound.
Unit Dimension (mm)300x355x333mm
Box Dimension (mm)370x315x360mm
N.W. (Kg)4.20kg
G.W. (Kg)5.00kg
Qty/Master Carton1
Dim. Master Carton (mm)385x330x380mm
N.W Master Carton (Kg)4.20kg
G.W Master Carton (Kg)5.00kg
Power Wattage220-240V ~ 50-60Hz, 1600W