TAPP Water BottlePro - Reusable Bottle - Black

AED 149.00
Product Description

Just fill the bottle with tap water and sip through the straw to enjoy great-tasting, pure, substance-free water. Includes refills that last up to 2 months so that you can continue to enjoy water with the same filtering quality. Take it with you wherever and whenever you want. It’s as easy as that!

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TESTED QUALITY: BottlePro is a reusable water bottle made of long-lasting, durable, food-grade 18/8 stainless steel. Its portable water filter works with microfiltration and is made of carbon fibre to instantly improve the taste of water by reducing chlorine and particles, even for water from public drinking fountains or the mountains. Designed in Europe and BPA free.


EASY TO USE: Leak-proof lid with airtight sealing; textured surface to improve grip; easy to use and with tape for better holding. In addition, its double wall allows to keep the water cold for 24h. Important: wash the refill with plenty of water before first use.


SUSTAINABLE AND CERTIFIED: By using BottlePro filtered water bottle, you can cut down on 450 single-use plastic bottles. BottlePro refills are made of BPA-free PP plastic and carbon fibre made of organic coconut shell and diamond hydrogen orthophosphate (organic compound). The activated carbon fibre can be separated from the plastic, which can then be recycled in the plastic-recycling bin. What’s more, the refill lasts 2 months/150 L.


DISHWASHER SAFE:: Except for the refill, all parts of this reusable water purifier bottle are dishwasher safe (max. 50 degrees Celsius)


  • Filter rate:750ML capacity
  • Filtration capacity of one refill: 150L for 2.5L/day
  • Carbon block density:1-2 µm
  • Substances removed: 80+
  • Dimensions: 27.0x 8.0cm
  • Weight: 433g
  • Thread Diameter: NA