AEG - Coffee Machine Build-In 60cm

SKU: KKK884500M
AED 10199.00
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60cm Coffee Machine

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Connoisseurs can select from a range of hot drinks with the integrated Coffee Machine from AEG. The at-home solution enables barista-level coffee, from an intense espresso to a frothy cappuccino, as well as a wide selection of other hot drinks. Everything made to taste using the highly-responsive command wheel with clear colour display.

As any expert barista will confirm, the perfect cappuccino has plenty of steamed milk and a silky foamed-milk layer. With this coffee machine's cappuccinatore jug, you can steam and foam the milk yourself to create a truly authentic cappuccino. You can control the proportions of milk and coffee to meet your own specifications.

Now you don't need to wait as long for that first, welcome cup of coffee when you wake up. The pre-heating function on this coffee machine means that your morning espresso is ready extra quickly. 

Thanks to its compact and fully integrated built-in design, this espresso bar will align seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen – especially with your other compact appliances. And with one-touch controls, you can have perfect coffee in a matter of minutes.

Stainless steel is used by the professionals for a reason – durability. Anti-fingerprint properties also prevent dirty marks from sticking to the surface.

• Coffee machine for built-in installation
• Anti fingerprint stainless steel
• Cool light illuminates the coffee outlet
• Coffee grinder capacity: 200 gr
• Suitable for pregrounded coffee
• Electronic touch controls
• Auto start function
• Water tank capacity: 1.8 l
• Two separate heaters for coffee and for hot water
• Indicator for full used coffee drawer
• Water refill indicator
• Coffee beans refill indicator